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There are several reasons why you might need an excavator: installing underground plumbing lines, adding a pool, or even digging a space for a foundation. When the time comes to do this, you have two choices: rent an excavator and do the work yourself or hire excavation contractors.

While the former might save you a bit of money, there are many reasons why the latter is the better choice.

1. You Don’t Need to Rent the Equipment

Contractors already have their own equipment. More importantly, they have the right experience. If you do the job yourself, you may not have the proper knowledge required, increasing risk to yourself, your property, and anyone in the vicinity. If an accident does occur, your selected excavation services provider should have the necessary insurance so that you won’t be held liable for any damages or injuries acquired on the job.

2. They Understand Soil

The soil that sits on top might not be the same that exists below the surface. As you’re digging, you might run into rocky soil, sand, or even mud. Only experts understand the procedures that are needed to deal with these varying conditions. For example, the area could collapse if the soil is exceptionally sandy or muddy. Experienced excavation contractors will know how to safely and effectively dig in different soil conditions.

3. Digging is Dangerous

The concept of using heavy equipment to dig a hole may seem straightforward, but there are inherent risks to consider. There is a variation of soil types you may encounter when digging, which sometimes results in collapsed edges. If this happens, the entire piece of the equipment can fall into the hole – with you in it. Surprises buried beneath the surface also propose potential risks. If you hit a buried power or gas line, this can lead to potential electrocution or gas leaks. At the least, failure to have these marked before digging can result in major fines.

Take the Stress Out of Excavation

Chamberlain Backhoe Service is a local excavation services company specializing in turnkey solutions. We have experienced, skilled and trained excavation contractors that can assist you with any job. Trust the company that has been around since 1957. Contact us today.

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