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Meet the CBS Family: Ken Stoltzner

At Chamberlain Backhoe Service, we consider our staff and operators part of our family. As the specialist in equipment rental needs and turnkey services, we are known for our reliability, experience and responsiveness. We want you to be completely comfortable working with us and our people, which is why we’re launching a series where you can get to know our team members. Today, we introduce Ken Stoltzner, an equipment operator who’s been with our company for nearly 23 years.

A Day in the Life of an Operator

As one of the longest tenured operators for CBS, Ken has been on a lot of different jobs over that time. A typical day for him starts by reporting to the yard or a job site early in the morning—and ending late in the afternoon.

“Everything between that varies,” Ken says. “Each day is always different so there’s usually nothing typical about my days.”

Each job is a little different, so that means that day-to-day tasks, locations and requests change. However, the variety of projects helps keep things interesting. In fact, Ken said that he has worked on all types of jobs over the years.

“From footings to electrical to plumbing to digging tree holes and even digging graves—if it can be dug, I’ve probably dug it. I like the variety of the work. No day is ever the same. Every job brings to the table something different. And, I get to be outside every day. Overall, running equipment is a lot of fun.”

Why Would You Choose a Job Like This?

Ken said he started down this path almost by accident because of what he was doing for his previous employer. That being said, he doesn’t regret it. Not only is the work different. He gets the opportunity to “play with ‘large toys’ in the dirt for a living,” which is every kid’s dream. In his opinion, it’s definitely not a bad way to make a living.

Over the years, Ken has certainly been able to play with lots of heavy equipment.

“I have experience running every type of equipment CBS owns—and then some. From compact excavators to skid steers and backhoes, all the way up to 80,000-pound excavators, I’ve run it all.”

Taking Care of Customers.

At CBS, we know that our customers and their happiness is extremely important to us. As part of our family, Ken strives to always meet the customer’s expectations—and then some. One way he knows that he’s done a good job is if the customers call for another job and specifically ask for him to come back.

“When I hear that, I know I’ve made a good impression.”

Sometimes there are some difficult situations, though, and Ken always takes that in stride.

“Difficult situations aren’t uncommon in this type of business,” he says. “I try my best to first off communicate with the customer to make sure we’re on the same page. When challenges arise, I’ll do my best to slow down a bit and take things one step at a time until we overcome whatever obstacle we’re faced with.”

Why He Likes Working for CBS

Ken has found great pleasure in his long tenure with CBS. “Of all the places that I’ve worked, CBS is by far the most real and friendliest company that I’ve been a part of. They have always had my back, and I appreciate that.”

What would he be doing if he wasn’t an operator?

“Probably a plumbing contractor. That’s initially how I got into operating equipment. I enjoy the challenges that plumbing brings, and, like operating, every day is something new.”

Since the new year is quickly approaching, we asked Ken if he had any New Year’s resolutions.

“To stay healthy, and to keep busy working. And, maybe convince my boss to buy me a new mini excavator—haha!”

Want to meet more of our operators? Stay tuned for upcoming posts!

About CBS.

Since 1957, Chamberlain Backhoe Service has been the number one source of equipment and operators for Southern California. If you need a single operator and machine, an entire groundcrew, or complete project support, we can accommodate your needs at a moment’s notice.

CBS is a company committed to meeting the customers’ needs. We have a wide range of operators that are able to handle requests that other companies don’t have the time or resources to accommodate. In fact, no matter how last-minute the job is, we’ll always have the attitude of “let us try.”

Want to learn more about how we can assist you with your upcoming project? Then, contact us at (800) 498-4227.


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