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The Benefits of Turnkey Excavation Support

The backhoe is one of the most versatile pieces of heavy equipment on a construction site. Often described as the Swiss Army Knife of equipment, the backhoe can dig, compact and break, and can use the front loader to backfill and move dirt. They’re great tools, but without expert planning and an experienced operator, backhoes can be destructive and dangerous.

That’s why a great turnkey excavation team is so important to have on your side. The turnkey service we offer at Chamberlain Backhoe Service bridges critical gaps that are often created by an excavation projects. Our complete service captures the full scope of what may be required for a project—coordinating each step of the underground process, staffing with the right team for the job, providing the proper equipment, risk management, and more. Here’s why that matters.

Projects can’t afford to be mishandled.

For contractors with a small digging project, renting a backhoe by the hour makes all the sense in the world. An experienced rental business like Chamberlain Backhoe Service can provide a variety of equipment along with skilled operators without cutting into the project’s budget or creating unwanted sources of risk.

As the scale of a project grows, excavation becomes more complex than just getting an operated backhoe to dig a trench. There are several reasons why this is so:

  • Staffing. The contractor’s site managers already have a lot on their plate. Turnkey support simplifies the supervisor’s duties and eliminates having the headache of finding extra workers.

  • Planning. Plans drawn up without a dedicated excavation team could lead to otherwise avoidable problems in the field, threatening the schedule.

  • Cost. Turkey options gives the customer peace of mind knowing exactly how much the underground portion will cost. This eliminates the risk of on-site mishaps, creating a hefty hourly rental bill.

  • Risk. When organizing multiple subcontractors to complete a task, liability increases. Turnkey solutions allow the customer to rely on one subcontractor, enhancing team cohesiveness and decreasing the risk of injury.

Don’t discount the importance of the right excavation team.

Running a backhoe is as much an art as a science. Two operators with similar backgrounds— the same training, the same years of experience, and so on—can have very different approaches to their work. One might be better at finishing jobs quickly while the other is great for jobs that need extra care, like digging around existing underground infrastructure.

Finding the right operator for the job is not always easy. Most experienced crewmembers tend to be older, and many have been retiring. While young people look elsewhere for careers, demand for equipment operators has grown significantly. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLC), the projected growth for construction equipment operators is expected to grow 4% between 2019 and 2029.

Taking the limited supply of great operators into account, calling just any backhoe service often forces contractors to compromise. The job needs to be done now. There’s no time to figure out if the operator who is available today also has the right digging philosophy for the job. The time for making the best choice for the work has passed.

A turnkey excavation team could be the better alternative.

Working with a turnkey subcontractor like Chamberlain Backhoe Service eliminates the challenges inherent in the taking it on by yourself. By placing all elements of the excavation process under one roof, the contractor achieves significant benefits at all phases of the project:

  • Efficient bidding. The turnkey operation typically provides a comprehensive price for all the work required for a project, allowing the contractor to cost its work with greater accuracy.

  • Expert planning. The turnkey option relieves the contractor of the added risks and labor involved with planning the excavation-related elements of the project. Because of the experience and dedication to this specific work, turkey excavation can add an extra degree of precision that the project needs to succeed.

  • The right team at the right time. A turnkey team can provide an entire crew for the project. Among other things, it will draw on its familiarity with a specific scope to put the right equipment and personnel on the job. They will also handle crew scheduling so project timelines don’t slip.

  • Reliability. A turnkey operation has extra incentives to stay dedicated to a project from start to finish. A shared dedication to project deadlines gives the contractor a peace of mind that work will be done on time.

  • Liability control. Subcontracting to a turnkey operation shifts significant risk from the contractor. The turnkey contractor is responsible for its crew’s safety and insurances, and also bears responsibility for the quality of its work.

  • Cost. Putting so much under one subcontractor’s control also allows everyone involved in the project to see the budget benefits that come with efficiency and on-time delivery of service.

Why choose Chamberlain Backhoe Service?

Now that you know the benefits of using turnkey excavation support, why should you consider using CBS? Established in 1957, we have worked hard to build a reputation as a reliable company who you can turn to for your underground projects, large and small.

Many of our operators have been with CBS for multiple years. In fact, some have been here for three decades, amassing experience and knowledge to handle any job or environment. We’re also proud of the network we’ve built with owner-operators in our region. When there’s a job to do, we’ll get you the right operator every time.

With all of our resources, CBS can get a call in the middle of the day and guarantee an operator and machine by the next day. This isn’t typical in this industry, but we can do it because of the relationships that we have built up over the years.

CBS is located in Placentia, California. Along with our fleet of backhoes, we offer a variety of equipment such as compact excavators, mid-size excavators, rubber-tired and track skid steers, a wide range of buckets and attachments, dump trucks and more. CBS is a non-union contractor that works in both the private and public sectors. CBS is Veriforce approved. Call us at (714) 579-8670 any time for any project that you need – no matter how big or small or how last-minute the request is. We are always ready to assist you.


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