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Chamberlain Backhoe Service was originally founded in 1957, during an era where the “backhoe” was just emerging in US markets. As decades passed, the backhoe has evolved into a coveted, multi functional machine and CBS has been there throughout the process. The family owned company has been passed on from generation to generation with the current owner, Tony Long, taking over the reigns from his father over 25 years ago.  Tony has three sons, Nick, Tyler and Jordan, who all play a key role in the company. 

Located in Placentia, CA, CBS has a variety of equipment available including: Backhoes, Mini Excavators, Skid Steers, 10 Wheel and Bobtail Dump Trucks as well as a wide range of buckets and attachments such as Augers, Breakers, Forks and Wheel Compactors. With the aid of an in-house mechanic, CBS is able to keep their machines running in top shape throughout the work week.

The majority of the operators that make up the CBS team have been with the company for many years, some for over two decades, giving them the knowledge and experience to handle any job they face. Their loyalty to not only the company, but more importantly to the customer, is what helps CBS stay atop the backhoe rental industry.

Chamberlain Backhoe Service
Backhoe with Breaker
Backhoe Downtown Los Angeles
Chamberlain Backhoe Service Flatbed Truck
Chamberlain Backhoe Mini Excavator Set up
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