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Backhoes are exceptionally versatile machines. Depending on the attachment used, backhoes can cover a wide variety of tasks. The cost of owning one can be prohibitive for many people, especially if you only need it for a home DIY task or small projects.

On average, the costs of owning a backhoe can range from $15,000 to $150,000 or more–and doesn’t include the ongoing maintenance that is necessary to ensure that the equipment stays in good working order. So, if your company is not in the most financially stable position, this can be a real drag on your bottom line.

Backhoe Rental: Alternative to Owning

What is your alternative if you can’t afford to own or lease one? Renting a backhoe is perfect for contractors who don’t expect to need one for many jobs. For example, you might only need one for a specific timeframe or project – or homeowners may only need it for a short-term landscaping task.

By renting a backhoe, you’ll eliminate costly monthly payments that come with financing or leasing a heavy piece of equipment, as well as the ongoing maintenance required to keep safety a priority. You also won’t have to worry about owning a piece of equipment that may not even use that often.

Different projects require unique skillsets, many of which you or your employees may not have. Fortunately, most backhoe rental companies have skilled operators that can assist you with the project. When you contract with a backhoe rental service, you’ll always have access to qualified contractors.

Turn to CBS for Your Backhoe Rental Services

If you’re searching for a backhoe rental company near you, then look no further than Chamberlain Backhoe Service. Since 1957, we have served thousands of contractors, and we have trained and skilled operators on hand ready to take on any job you have. Contact us to get started.

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